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Venue Coordinators Venue Coordinators
4 7 RE: Positive Affirmations
by  redroadbutterfly (guest)
06-14-2009 06:06 AM
Technical Crews (Broadcasting, Video, Audio) Technical Crews (Broadcasting, Video, Audio)
2 0 Coordination and Communication Between Broadcaster...
by  DrLenHorowitz (guest)
05-29-2009 12:46 AM
Musicians and Vocalists Musicians and Vocalists
21 231 RE: 528Hz Frequency Discussion
by  raymack
08-04-2012 12:25 PM
Drummers Drummers
2 0 FYI on transposing 1.45hz into BPM
03-29-2009 02:23 PM
Fresh Ideas Fresh Ideas
4 2 Global Alliance with LIVEH2O
by  ABC4All (guest)
06-19-2009 02:28 PM
General Forum General Forum
5 5 RE: DNA repair - where is the evidence?
by  Tidrick
05-02-2012 04:24 PM
Speakers Speakers
2 1 Speakers' Instructions for YouTube Uploads
by  DrLenHorowitz (guest)
05-15-2009 07:55 AM
Instructions and Welcome! Instructions and Welcome!
Details on how to post a message, edit, add pictures or your profile, search members or posts, and subscribe to threads or forums.
1 0 Welcome to the Live H20 Forums!
by  Scott Nash
01-31-2009 07:44 AM
Venues, Schedules, & Event Locations Venues, Schedules, & Event Locations
For local organizers to stay connected and promote their participation
1 0 Link to Access City Specific Forum
by  host
05-26-2009 04:19 PM
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Hello and welcome! 

Here is how to jump right into one of our
three distinct forums on

  • The QUANTUM LEAP MEMBERS Forum is open to anyone who wants to leap in to our community! If you've already become a member, simply log-in at the top of the site. Membership is FREE, and so if you're not a member, it only takes a minute via the 'Membership' link at the top right on the site. Once a member, you'll instantly gain access to enhanced features, such as being able to add a topic, edit your post or delete it, attach files up to 1MB, subscribe to topics, and add your picture and profile.

  • The LIVEH2O Forum is the offical spot for musicians to go to for learning more about what Dr. Leonard has to say about the 528 Htz Frequency. It's also for anyone who wants to learn more about this amazing global concert for the living waters!
  • The QUANTUM LEAP Meetup Groups Forum - is open to all who are a part of one of our our Quantum Leap Community Meetup Groups around the world. To learn more about these groups, simply click on the 'Communities Tab at anytime.

Access to each of the forums is on the sub-menu bar once you click on 'Forums' at the top.

One of the great features regarding this forum, is that any profile information you add, is automatically linked with our other forums on web site as well, should you decide to post there too!

To Begin Posting

  • Simply click on the underlined name for the forum topic to enter that forum.
  • Hit the "Add new topic button" to start a new conversation
  • You can add up to 3 pictures of 1MB or less in size where you see the "Browse" button below where you add text.
  • Hit Submit to post

Text/HTML Editor
The forum has a text editor nearly identical to Microsoft Word. Just click on the icons above where you enter the text to change the size or look of the text, alignment, copy all your text, erase formatting, Maximize/Minimize the Text/HTML Editor or add a link. To view the HTML Code, click on 'Source', which is the very first icon in the editor options. NOTE: The image icon is diabled for adding embedded photos that are uploaded. You must use the attach image option at the bottom.

Transfering content
If transferring content from another site or document, it is recommend to 'clean' the text. This can be done first by transferring it first to your computers 'Notepad' application or, you can use the 'Remove Format' tool in the icon bar. The icon looks like this 

Photos / Images

Although the insert image icon in the tool bar editor -  , is disabled for use in the forums, you can still add images using the  upload feature at the bottom of each posting. You must be a registered user and logged in on site in order to add photos or images.


Navigating the Forums...
Use the row of 'breadcrumb' text links for navigation which are at the top and bottom of the forum area. Breadcrumbs looks like this

"Forums  > Forum Group NameForum Topic"

Simply click on link to jump to where you want to go go back to or move forward to. You can also always click the 'Forums' text in the top row of options to go to the primary starting point of the forum.

Logging In or Registering
You can always register or log-in to this forum by using the links directly above the forum, or the links in the top right-hand corner of web site You will know you are logged in if your display name apears in the corner as well.

Adding / Editing Your Profile
You must be logged into website to access this feature. In the upper right menu of forum options is a link that reads 'My Profile'. When you click on that it gives you an overview of options you can have for your profile.  To create it for the first time or edit afterwards, there is an edit link beneath the BIO section.

Search Feature
You can search the forum for names of people or by topic. You can use the drop-down arrow next to the search field for additional options. If you enter something in the general search and nothing pulls up, most likely either the topic doesn't exist or you need to first clear any information you entered in the drop-down search box.

Happy Posting!

Scott Nash
Co-Creator and Founder

A Community For Leading Edge Creators



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