The website CONNECTwithCREATIVES.com is in the process of expanding and moving to TheCreativeCosmos.com! The update will offer new features to help creative people thrive.  For a short time we will be moving all of our pages so that  everything will be under the umbrella 'Creative Spark Network'. We apologize for any confusion during this move as some pages will temporarily have the new branding and some will have the old. 

 As we go through this process, we invite creative people of all types to  make sure you add your profile to our creative network. 
Once your profile is added, you'll be able to add news with our new service highlighting Colorado creative news and events.
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'CONNECT with CREATIVES' is a free dynamic online directory of creative professionals. Unlike most social network sites, it allows you to quickly scan creative people you might want to connect with from a diverse range of creative categories, and then links you directly to all their core social networking sites in an instant. 

We will also be building an online store to benefit creatives, so if you offer products or services please let us know about that as well! 

Our companion website 'ColoradoCreativeNews.com' was just launched and so you'll automatically receive updates about both sites when you add your name below. Be sure to add 'Scott Nash' (scott@tallzebra.com) and 'Colorado Creative News' (news@coloradocreativenews.com) to your safe sender / contacts list to make sure they hit your inbox. 

We value your privacy. We will never rent, sell, or otherwise use your email address for anything other than the services you specifically request. Period.


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